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August 7, 2007



All kinds of new stocky fun v7.4

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2007, 11:19 AM

Awesome stock

I've started a list of my favorite stockers here, partly for my own reference, partly because I love to share good things, and partly just cause I can.
Since I'm putting up thumbs, I'm keeping this to ten stockers at a time, and rotating them, otherwise this page'll go on forever.  :D

Ana's favorite stocks

:iconshelldevil:  One of the old school stockers here on dA, Shell's got a massive gallery, tons of great portraits and full body stock as well as some really useful tutorials.  She also provides some of the best nude stock on dA, incredibly useful for traditional artists and manipers, alike.
:thumb51799507::thumb56729986: :thumb55516683: :thumb52679883:
:iconchamberstock:  This gallery blew me away when I saw it.  It's got some really useful object and background stock as well as (my favorite) ballet-themed model stock.
Autumn Tutu 13 by chamberstock Tequila Sunrise by chamberstock Nude With Parasol 11 by chamberstock Guinea Stock 2 by chamberstock Snow Tutu Stock 9 by chamberstock
:iconilovevacstock: It's a small gallery, but it's quality!  Some objects, some places.  Good stuff.
Drunken Jester by ILoveVacStockPearl Egg 1 by ILoveVacStockGold Star Clock by ILoveVacStockAugusta 6 by ILoveVacStockVintage Binoculars by ILoveVacStock
:iconfantomeangel:  Stock inspired by Phantom of the Opera.  It's creative, gorgeous, and varied.  Deffo worth a watch.
:thumb53470147: Phantom of Venice 2 by FantomeAngel ALW 3d mask 9 by FantomeAngel MG Blue Masquerade 1 by FantomeAngel
:iconmarkopolio-stock:  Wonderful, gorgeous vintage stocks, great textures, and super-useful 3D stock - and he'll take requests. :)
Vintage Snapshots 6 by markopolio-stock Gypsy Camp by markopolio-stock Texture - Fractal 6 by markopolio-stock Sheet Music Burned by markopolio-stock Scorpion Aug 17B by markopolio-stock
:iconcait-shoxxi-stock: Glorious Glamorous Gothic Stock.  Such a lovely model, too. ;)
:thumb59888748: Zombie 11 by Cait-Shoxxi-Stock Saturated Loneliness 8 by Cait-Shoxxi-Stock Glamorous 6 by Cait-Shoxxi-Stock Lost In The Void 8 by Cait-Shoxxi-Stock
:iconaffriad-stock:  Some really great background and object stock.  The background on the model stock is pretty busy but the poses and outfits are great.
stock 61 by affriad-stock stock 88 by affriad-stock stock 29 by affriad-stock stock 19 by affriad-stock stock 53 by affriad-stock
:icondizzz-stock:  This account hasn't been updated in a while and I think it may be inactive, but it's still one of my favorites.  
:thumb10214998: :thumb14413394: :thumb22701062: :thumb23697998: :thumb36669935:
:iconellenlovely-stock:  Model stock with a gothic flair.  I covet her clothes.
Witchery Stock - 16 by ellenlovely-stock Alice Stock - 09 by ellenlovely-stock Gotherina - 03 by ellenlovely-stock Princess Dress - 10 by ellenlovely-stock
:iconmagikstock: Unique model stock - from flappers to dead people to princesses, there's a lot of really great stock to choose from here.
:thumb49922370: :thumb48750981: :thumb46449009: :thumb50316560: :thumb51327499:

Ana's Stuff

In alphabetical order -
:iconaboundingstock: :iconadharabatul: :iconalreadybroken-stock: :iconangelcurioso: :iconarmathor-stock: :iconattemptestock: :iconborrowedwings: :iconcookiekitty-stock: :icondazzle-stock: :icondella-stock: :icondreamcatcher-stock: :iconelandria:  :iconephedrina-stock: :iconfantasystock: :iconfetishfaerie-stock: :iconfaestock: :iconmadmoisellemelistock: :icongentlemansclubstock: :iconunicornreality: :iconilun-stock: :iconintergalacticstock: :iconiws-stock: :iconjlstock: :iconkittyd-stock: :iconkyndelfire-stock: :iconliam-stock: :iconlindowyn-stock: :iconlockstock: :iconloveit: :iconlunanyxlivingstock: :iconmizzd-stock: :iconmjranum-stock: :iconmondkalbstock: :iconmoonlitdreamer-stock: :iconnekoha-stock: :icononnagata-stock: :icono---girlinred---o: :iconheidi-v-stock: :iconpetronieska-stock: :iconphoeebstock: :iconphotostockmarket: :iconrammkitty-stock: :iconsilber-stock: :iconsilentgod88: :iconslylock-stock: :icontracie76stock: :icontw1stedtruth-stock: :iconurielstock: :iconzeldyn-stock:  

:iconahrum-stock: :iconarmathor-stock: :iconcobweb-stock: :iconfantasystock: :iconjademacalla: :iconjustmeina: :iconlindowyn-stock: :iconmizzd-stock: :iconmjranum-stock: :iconmorf-stock: :iconskydancer-stock: :iconsnak-stock: :iconwookiestock:

:iconarmathor-stock: :iconfox-stock: :iconiws-stock: :icontracie76stock:

Objects, Backgrounds, Misc.
:iconarmathor-stock: :iconbazzlestock: :iconborrowedwings: :icondazzle-stock: :icondella-stock: :iconiws-stock: :iconloveit: :iconephedrina-stock: :iconfantasystock: :iconflowerpowerstock: :icongardengate: :iconjlstock: :iconkittyd-stock: :iconlunanyxlivingstock: :iconnekoha-stock: :iconheidi-v-stock: :iconshoofly-stock: :iconurielstock:

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ellenlovely-stock Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
!! You are full of epic win miss.

But How long /is/ longstock !!!!
LongStock Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
I love your stock!

I've got a crack team of scientists working on that very question as we speak. They hope to have an answer by sometime next year.
lolsreggiN Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
But How long /is/ longstock
LongStock Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
At least five feet and seven inches. ;)
lolsreggiN Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
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hawkeye Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
Wow thanks for putting that list out there! Very cool of you!
O---girlinred---O Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
I'm so honored, dear! Thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it!! :hug: :dance:
Tw1stedTruth-stock Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007
Thank you for the feature!
LongStock Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
It's my pleasure - you're got really great stock.
JLOwens Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007   Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature, sweetie! :)
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